Handmade - Crocheted

All handmade items are made in Australia by me the owner of Ethnic Shed. I learned the art of crochet when I was four years old from my grandma. I love crochet because it's fun, relaxing, therapeutic and crochet has such a beautiful texture and look. Each piece I make is an individual; there are no 2 pieces that are the same. The yarn I use is just as special because I source them from around the globe including Australia as well. Soft cotton, wool, and quality acrylic with colours and blends that are stunning and vibrant.

Care of Items - I always wash by hand in cool water, roll up in a dry towel to squeeze excess water out and lay flat to dry.  Or you can put it in a laundry bag and wash it on gentle cycle; lay flat to dry is the preferred drying method.