About Us

 I love being different! Wearing clothes and accessories that are comfortable, unique and pieces that generally have a story. I do like my clothes to make a  statement about me and the freedom I have to be who I am. I love colour, textures, print and anything that looks different to what fashion dictates. Ethnic, bohemian, hippie and vintage is my style.

People have always commented and still do, on what I wear and have always asked where I sourced it from. Now it isn't always that easy to find what I like; it does take time to source that perfect piece of jewellery, clothing or accessory. After 30 years of working in a fast-paced industry, I decided it is time to break away from the rat race and spend my time sourcing unique items for women like myself that love to have the freedom to dress to their liking.

It started in my SHED (Image 2) at the back of my house and now we have taken it online as well as a store front (Image 1) to reach more women who have a similar taste to mine. My choice of clothes and jewellery are not only stunning but most pieces are great conversation starters.

 I create my own style; my style creates conversation.  Does yours?


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Store Front Location: 41 Carlton Parade, Carlton NSW 2218

Phone: 0449 685784 | Email: info@ethnicshed.com